Your eyes and ears on the ground

TMCM has attended claims and casualty sites worldwide, providing clear and accurate reporting to operators and insurers on unfolding situations, immediate issues and possible liabilities and complications.

This not only allows you to take a clear view of a problem, it also provides support and comfort to your own people, such as ship’s Masters or local site managers.

Often, insurers will engage preferred legal and technical assistance, and TMCM works alongside these providers to ensure that they are able to do their jobs while other practical and human aspects are looked after.


Fact-finding and investigation

Claims and litigation can arise suddenly and develop rapidly, some time after an original incident which may never even have been recorded.

TMCM will work through a claim forensically, identifying possible sources of information and evidence, using local resources where necessary, in order to provide a more complete picture of the potential liability and the necessary claims handling tactics.

When required, TMCM uses professional investigators to advise on potential exaggeration or fraud.


Claims negotiation and settlement

Many claims and disputes can be settled before they get as far as long and expensive litigation. Sometimes, a face-to-face meeting with a claimant and their representatives can save months or years of correspondence, legal advice and uncertain claims reserves.

TMCM has developed a reputation for clear, credible negotiation with claimant companies and individuals, acting as the client’s representative and seeking to deliver a sensible resolution within the client’s parameters and settlement authority.

TMCM has recently settled disputes through face-to-face negotiation in Ukraine, India, Ghana, Tanzania, UK/Ireland, and the USA.