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Thomas Miller Claims Management (TMCM) has grown from a standing start in 2007 to a major presence in the international claims handling and consultancy market. TMCM provides unique global risk management, problem-solving, claims adjusting and operational support services to its clients in the marine, transport and general commercial business sectors. The claims team includes mariners, solicitors, medics, and insurance professionals able to call on decades of experience worldwide.

The company began trading in 2007 and has grown its overseas sales by 153% in the last three years, with exports having risen from 44% of total turnover to 78%.

This impressive record in securing and maintaining international business is at the heart of TMCM’s success in winning a 2014 Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the international trade category.

Peter Jackson, CEO of TMCM, says: “The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are widely recognised as the UK’s most prestigious awards for business performance.

“Winning a Queen’s Award in the international trade category is a testament to the very high standards set by the firm and achieved by colleagues.

“It also reflects the continuing confidence our clients place in us in what has been a difficult few years financially for businesses. We believe that our success in attracting clients internationally results from our commitment to listening to them, then harnessing our unique blend of skills and experience to solve their particular problems worldwide.”

TMCM is part of the Thomas Miller group, which has made its name over more than 125 years managing the largest mutual insurers in the shipping, transport and professional indemnity sectors, and now provides insurance, investment and professional services to clients in the transport sector and beyond.

Shipping and transport remain key markets for TMCM. Problems such as damaged goods, passenger claims, charter disputes and injuries to crew or dock workers form a major part of the caseload.

However, expertise in handling all manner of practical, legal and technical problems in every part of the world is an asset to any business operating internationally.

A cost-effective base in the North East, combined with the service standards of the London market, makes TMCM a natural choice for businesses needing top-class claims handling and risk management solutions without the price tag of big City law firms or consultancies.

“Every client is different in terms of in-house resources, overseas offices and the like,” explains claims director Patrick Bond, “and no two clients come to us with the same set of problems.

“We might be handling a casualty, doing a face-to-face negotiation or reviewing a run-off caseload at any given time, for a client anywhere in the world.

“Whatever the requirement, we have a balanced and experienced team in Newcastle and a global network which is probably second to none, so we’re confident we can add value on just about anything.”


As well as more traditional claims adjusting, litigation management and third-party administration, the company has established itself as the biggest provider of medical emergency and case management services to the shipping industry, particularly in the energy and cruise sectors.

Through its BlueMed product, TMCM offers total medical assistance to the industry, from emergency medical advice in the middle of the ocean through to rehabilitation and return to work, and currently manages cases in more than 50 countries. TMCM maintains strong links with its London parent but is very much a North East success story.

In fact, the original Thomas Robson Miller was a Newcastle ship owner and mayor of Morpeth before becoming established in London, so TMCM’s success represents something of a homecoming.

“Being part of the Thomas Miller family has certainly helped along the way,” says operations director Stephen Hunt, “but we could not have done this in London.

“We’ve benefited strongly from the cost advantages, the thriving services sector and the talent pool in the North East, especially in the maritime field which remains a key focus for us.

“We started with three people and now we have 17 people in Newcastle alone.

“We’re doing well and we now have the major recognition of a Queen’s Award.

“It feels very good to be sending that kind of news around the group.”